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Our Solution

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Accurate Test Results

A drug rehab program will only be successful it is accurately detecting people who have used or abuse drugs. Your patient may think drugs are still in their system on an upcoming drug test, therefore attempt to cheat the test to obtain a negative result.

Take proactive measures to detect urine sample tampering to prevent it from happening in the future. Specimen validity testing (SVT) accurately determines whether a specimen has been adulterated, diluted, or substituted to pass their test.

Why Choose Us?

New Innovative Products to Combat Subversion

Validity Diagnostics has developed innovative new technologies that allow our products to detect subversion, reduce false positives, help increase compliance, and limit the diversion of pharmaceutical drugs into the wrong hands more accurately.

Validity Diagnostics is proud to offer a 5-panel specimen validity test to help determine if you are testing a valid urine sample.


We Can Achieve More Success

Pro’s to In-House SVT

Enhance patient care

Oversee pain management

Improve cost care

Decrease turnaround time

Combat the opioid epidemic

Validity Diagnostics is proud to offer a full-spectrum drug testing diagnostics for detection of drugs of abuse and therapeutic prescription drug monitoring. Complete with a comprehensive product portfolio, Validity Diagnostics is your choice for all your drug testing needs.

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