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2nd Generation SVT

The 1st generation 5 test panel, used since the early 1990’s has become highly ineffective and only capable of detecting  2 classes of today’s highly sophisticated subversion techniques and products.

This has led Validity Diagnostics to develop our new 2nd generation 5 test SVT panel that can quickly and easily detect 18 different classes of adulterants and substitution of urine drug samples. Validate with virtually no false positives, which give laboratories and providers the peace of mind that their samples are legitimate, and their test results are accurate.

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Detect Synthetic Urine

Quickly & more accurately

Reduce False Positives

through innovative technology

Increase Compliance

Limitations on medications

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Test Accurately, Deliver Patient

Results with Confidence


Our Products

Can your laboratory detect adulterants or substitution on drug tests?

Prescription drug misuse and illicit drug abuse are growing public health challenges throughout the United States. With subversion techniques on the rise, building a drug of abuse testing profile that accurately screens and confirms drug abuse has never been so important.

Our Products

We offer substance abuse testing products for a wide variety of settings including hospitals, doctor’s offices, criminal justice agencies, workplaces, drug rehabilitation centers and pain management clinics.

Our Standards

Our rigorous quality standards ensure you receive dependable products each time you place an order. Everything we do comes with unmatched access to technical personnel and our toxicology experts.

Why Choose Us?

Subversion Is Beating Your Labs

We utilize breakthrough technology that detects synthetic urine. We help to prevent and expose:

Users trying to cheat drug screens 100%
Pills getting in the wrong hands 100%
Pill rings in your practice 100%
Patients showing positive for one drug 100%

We Are Ready To Help

Validity Diagnostics is ready to help combat the ongoing problem of substance abuse. We offer a comprehensive panel of assays to determine whether your urine specimen is valid or not. Validity Diagnostics SVT reagents are liquid and ready-to-use for increased efficiency on applications on chemistry analyzers such as the Beckman AU.

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