The Problem

The Problem

The Problem We Are Solving

Drug Users Have Outsmarted the System of Drug Testing

Outsmarting Subversion

Drug abusers are using social media to learn new techniques for subverting drug testing. Additionally, workplace drug testing subversion is on the rise. Validity Diagnostics reagents provide the new method to stop subversion in its tracks.

Workplace Subversion

Workplace drug test subversion is on the rise. Validity Diagnostics reagents provide the new method to stop subversion in its tracks!

Prescribing Practices

Physician’s prescribing practices are under attack from multiple angles. The Validity Diagnostics group believes that our products will provide a wall that protects the physicians from these attacks.

Overdose Death's

The amount of deaths from drug overdoses has risen to over 175 per day. The Validity Diagnostics group feels that utilizing their product will provide reference laboratories, government testing facilities, and physicians with the tools to prevent that problem.

The Current Problem with SVT Panels ...

No matter how effective substance abuse testing is, individuals will always attempt to beat drug testing. This can be done by diluting the urine specimen, causing chemical breakdown through ingested something into the body or adding it directly into the specimen, or substituting their urine for another substance amongst other methods…

Specimen Validity Testing (SVT) is performed to check whether the sample submitted for drug testing has been adulterated, e.g., diluted, Fake (Counterfeit) or not the sample of the donor.SVT is analogous to checking currency with a dye marker which indicates the currency is counterfeit.

Current DOA SVT technology does not detect counterfeit urine and 18 other classes of subversion. Teenagers, who are frequent visitors to the internet, are particularly vulnerable. Often, parents detect behavioral problems with their child and ask the child’s physician to test for drug usage. However, neither the parent nor most physicians are aware that the drug test result may be false. Consequently, the teenager does not get treatment and the problem is subsequently detected by overdose which may be fatal. Drug users spend over $1 billion per year to purchase Counterfeit urine in order to “pass” their drug tests.

Better Detection = Better Patient Outcomes!

  • Patients showing positive for one drug while taking another
  • Patients trying to cheat drug screens
  • Pills getting into the wrong hands
  • Pill rings in your practice

2nd Generation SVT

Our Solution

Validity Diagnostics has developed innovative new technologies that allow our products to detect subversion, reduce false positives, help increase compliance, and limit the diversion of pharmaceutical drugs into the wrong hands more accurately.

Validity Diagnostics is proud to offer a 5-panel specimen validity test to help determine if you are testing a valid urine sample.

2nd Generation

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